2018 in Review.

It’s nearly time to draw the shutters on 2018 and before we all switch off and enjoy the holiday, let’s take a moment to reflect on the high points of what we have achieved over the year practicing as architects in Cork.

In terms of projects, this year will mark a milestone where our workload changed significantly from previous years, in that all our current live projects are new-build houses. Previously it tended to be a mix of commercial work and domestic extensions.

We completed the wonderful St Joseph’s Woollen Mill office building. This was a high point for us in that we had a brilliant building to work with, a fantastic client and a great builder. 

St Joseph’s Woollen Mill completed in 2018

The project was selected for exhibition by the jury of the Cork Architectural Association and exhibited for a month on Cork City Hall.

Planning Permission for 5-house development in Douglas.

We ended the year on a high by achieving a grant of permission for 5 houses in Douglas. One of which will our client’s passive house which is one of the best residences we have ever designed. The form is dynamic and expressive, but the plan logic, spatial relationships and aperture-space rigour are something that we are really looking forward to experiencing when built. Roll on 2019!

Bandon Passive House

We have just broke ground on this amazing design, also for construction in 2019. Another dynamic form, derived from site relationships, views and solar movement, is going to be a signal building in the story of our practice. This house will potentially define the next decade of our practice. Inspired by the work of William S Ryall’s artist residence, but on a modest scale, we think this design is going to attract a very interesting type of client in the future!

County Cork Passive House

This (to be) certified Passive House is well under way in Ballygarvan County Cork. To be completed in May 2019, we have a great contractor in Grouville Developments who have also completed our certified Enerphit passive house, so we are in good hands!

#ArchitalksIE #3

This is my third contribution to a shared discussion among architects practicing in Ireland, where we will discuss aspects of our services and the profession, under the Twitter hastag #ArchitalksIE

By using this hashtag on twitter, or links provided at the end of the blog, you can connect to the other architects blog on the same topic. Our blogs will be posted synchronously on the same time same day. We hope you will enjoy this format and benefit from the broad professional views and different approaches to the same issues.

The other architects’ views on the same topic are;

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