Airtightness Test Successful!

We have just (January 2019) successfully achieved the PassivHaus standard of 0.6 Air Changes per hour (N50) airtightness result on our first test. We have two more scheduled for after first-fix and on completion. We can now proceed with confidence to complete the works knowing certification is now locked-in!



TIEPHAUS 1 on site!

Our prototype passivhaus TIEPHAUS is now on site in Cork!

The latest in a succession of successful PassivHaus Certified projects by this office, we are delighted to bring to reality another single family home project. See also our

  • EnerPhit Certified refurbishment in Glasheen
  • Certified PassivHaus Pharmacy and Apartment, Clonmel
  • Certified PassivHaus in Ballinteer Dublin.

This client was told by other architects that their budget was not enough for a passivhaus and it could not be done! But we love a challenge at the PassivHaus Architecture Company, so we developed an extremely cost-effective design, with a simple form, few tricky details and no bells and whistles!

We are delighted with the result and hope to replicate this where appropriate for other families. This client is building on the family farm 5 minutes from Cork City.

TIEPHAUS elevation


Keep in touch for imminent details of the TIEPHAUS model, cost options and design drawings, Ireland’s Most Affordable House!

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