This is our drawing of the plan of our extrapolation of the markings as discovered by Anthony Murphy and Ken Williams at Bru na Boinne, ME026-033 Henge at Newgrange.  From it we have made a speculative model of the new henge, and used SketchFab to allow you to explore the scale of this magnificent historical architecture.
It shows timber post-holes in a double collonade externally, with what are described as a segmented double fosse internally. No excavation has taken place to date to determine what this unique fosse arrangement might mean. The presumption is that these indications are fosse holes and not pits for standing stones, as there is no typology in Ireland of such a structure.
We are showing a multitude of people in the space enclosed by the monument, to indicate scale. The alignment of the portal structure is supposed currently to be Lughnasa and the shadows in this image are at sunset at that time.

For more from the experts themselves listen to the podcasts at Anthony Murphys website here

We would love to hear your comments on the interpretations made here, as the model can be improved very easily and we welcome your input. We are not archeologists, just interested dreamers!