Passive House Pharmacy continues on site

 Site Inspection 21st February 2014

It’s a very cold February to be standing around on site looking at details for two hours, but site inspections have to be one of the best parts of being an architect. When you have spent the last three years conceiving a building project, for it finally to materialise before your eyes is a wonderful experience! Even though it is early stages yet, one can begin to appreciate the volumes and forms of the spaces, and views out across the site are apparent. The client dropped in too and got to look at floor finish samples, which for them is very exciting, as they get a tangible clue as to what the final product will be like. Everyone is happy and enjoying the project. We have the usual problems with sourcing the right suppliers, our current issue is sourcing a curtain wall supplier as our intended supplier has pulled out. But these are par-for-the-course and as we have a good contractor, good support from our PassivHaus certifier Mosart, and a good team I am confident this will be successfully resolved.

Latest time-lapse of demolition and construction;

Roof construction is well advanced. 3-storey section blockwork almost complete, contractor will be starting the one-storey rear portion in the next fortnight. Once that is done the overall form will be established!

Technical notes; The contractor will add additional wall ties to opes following engineer’s inspection. We tested basalt wall ties and found them to be well bedded.


Site Inspection 7th February 2014

see video of the demolition phase; and latest site photographs.

The wide cavity blockwork to the 3 storey section is almost complete. The one storey rear space walls have not yet started but foundations are in place. Roofing is progressing to front section and we are starting to be able to appreciate the emergence of first floor apartment spaces.



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