RIAI Environmental CPD Accreditation

As of today I am accredited in ‘Environmental’ services by the RIAI having completed the required learning in this area.

I recently completed Joe LIttle’s RIAI Building Fabric Design Course and Assessment. ( I scored 87%, could do better!) This amounted to 12 hours of additional training and I had a certain number of exemptions having already completed a Masters degree in Advanced Energy and Environmental Studies from the University of East London/Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales some years ago.

Hopefully this will give added value to the services I offer to clients and reassure them that when I claim to be delivering a higher standard of service, with competence in the complex area of designing and specifying solutions for low energy refurbishments and new build construction, that they can rest assured that I have been assessed by the RIAI and am entitled to such a claim.

I have blogged already about unsustainably low fees in the market for architectural services, and explained the work I put in to detailing and designing these buildings to best practice, avoiding costly mistakes in using the wrong materials in the wrong places etc. Now hopefully the additional time, investment in education, and hence higher fees required will be easier for clients to appreciate.