passive house county cork

Passive House County Cork

Despite the lock-down during the Covid -19 crisis, we are staying busy! The building sites may be shut-down for the moment, but the architecture office can keep working. We used Zoom web-meeting tech to have a pre-planning meeting with the client and the Cork County Council Planner on this passive house design, and it was a great success. 

UpSiDe-dOwN houSe!

This project, a family home, has the living accommodation on the upper floor, to avail of views over the landscape. It even has a walk-way at roof-level for once-in a while extra elevation! (it is the left hand side recess in the roof in the image below).

passive house county cork

The south elevation (above left) is modulated with projecting balcony at first floor, which is itself covered with the roof-gallery structure and enclosed in forward projecting wing-walls. This articulation of the south elevation has a functional architectural contribution of providing external amenity space to enjoy the views, but importantly provides solar shading to the south elevation glazing, to prevent overheating. This is a critical design consideration in Passive House projects. Often however, it is provided in a utilitarian bolt-on brise-soleil solution, and may not be architecturally pleasing. In this case, we have tried to integrate environmental control, with aesthetics. What do you think?

House in-the-round

The design of this house allows for the fact that the approach to the residence requires the viewer to circumscribe the house as one winds around from south to west to north and enter on the east at first floor. The house has no ‘rear’ elevation. Every aspect is designed to be experienced and must contribute equally to the ensemble.

passive house county cork


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